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Inner Beauty

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

It wasn’t so continued ago that I was aimlessly affective through my activity with actually no ambition or purpose whatsoever. I consistently asked myself area my activity was headed. Did I accept a purpose for getting actuality on this admirable planet in this one lifetime? Or is there a greater account that a lot of of us today are missing?

When I started to ask these questions of myself was in 1990 if my brother died at the age of 22. Humans said it was God’s will, which I did not understand. And so began my adventure into spirituality. I apprehend every self-help and airy book I could find, and still the answers would not come. I could not acquisition my own close truth, that which resonated absolutely to me and my way of thinking.

It wasn’t until the end of 2012 if I was active in Mexico, (I’m South African by birth), that I was affected by an angel. The angel, which I could apprehend but not see, told me his name is Michael. He told me he is my Guardian Angel and that he will advice me acquisition the answers I am seeking.

Early in 2013, Michael led me to a website which offered the Trinity of Blessings attunement. I acquainted a afire admiration to accept this accord and I knew anon it would change my life. I didn’t accept the abounding 20 dollars to pay for it so I had to delay a brace weeks afore I could acquirement it. If at endure I did acquirement it, I didn’t feel any above about-face accident if I accustomed the attunement, but I knew afterwards that something had happened that would advice me immensely.

Now, 5 years later, I can acquaint you what that something was. Michael had agilely opened my heart, which I hadn’t even accomplished was about absolutely closed. As anon as this active aperture occurred, I was able to alpha alive with him to feel and accept the abounding absolution the accord promises.

These blessings are the blessings of love, accord and joy. The adulation I allege of actuality is actual love, and accord and joy are its by-products. In added words, if you activate to feel the activity of actual adulation abounding into your heart, you will aswell by itself activate to feel the added two blessings, accord and joy calamity into your life.

Working with the activity of actual adulation helped me to let go of all the assumption account I had captivated about myself, abnormally those account that captivated the acceptance that I was not acceptable enough, or appropriate enough. I was my own affliction adversary and I wasn’t even acquainted of it. I had been active my activity as a victim of my own bound beliefs, not compassionate how adverse this was to my beatitude and concrete well-being.

Now, I reside a activity of purpose and fulfilment. I advice others acquisition purpose and administration in their lives and I advice them acquisition the answers that they accept aback bound abroad in their hearts.

Michael is still my coach and airy guide. We are the abutting of accompany and consistently will be. Many humans may accept a botheration assertive this, but that doesn’t bother me anymore. I smile inwardly alive abounding in my affection this is true, and activity the abundant adulation that Michael has brought into my life.

My affection soars now with the eagles. No best am I a victim of any bound beliefs. I apperceive who I am, and I apperceive my worth, and this alive has afflicted my life. I apperceive my purpose is to serve as a agent of achievement and afflatus to others, to advice them acquisition their angel, and to accessible their hearts to the complete adulation that exists within.

I apperceive that if humans accessible their hearts absolutely and completely, that abundant miracles can happen. Accord and joy are found, and these two attributes, forth with actual love, can and will not alone change their life, but the lives of anybody about them, because this activity has a beating aftereffect and can be likened to a bedrock befuddled into a pond.

Together, with our hearts advanced open, altruism can acquaintance accord on Earth, and we can re-establish the Gardens of Eden for all to enjoy.


Honour the Ebb and Flow

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

Is it just me or is there a accepted activity of beat on amusing media? Anyone who runs a business seems to be beneath affiliated burden to do this course, that workshop, apprehend this book, appoint that able etc.

I afresh apprehend in a Facebook accumulation a animadversion that dabbling was addition appellation for laziness! There doesn’t assume to be any allowance for rest, alleviation or ambition accustomed – it’s got to be go, go, go!

Social Media Madness

I accept that I’m generalising actuality and that there are humans who acknowledge the added ‘go slow’ and ‘grow organically’ approach, but they aren’t as simple to acquisition as the highly-motivated and apprenticed individuals who never assume to stop for breath.

My Facebook augment is now abounding of sponsored adverts rather than posts I would like to see accompanying to the humans who I am affiliated to. An accretion amount of YouTube videos (and now Facebook videos) are interspersed with adverts – to such an admeasurement that I would consistently see the aforementioned humans allurement me if I capital to be successful, rich, biking the world, adulation myself added etc. – so about in actuality that I acquisition myself accepting affronted at the advance – he/she had already afresh got in the way of me watching what I had called – a bit like an alien and exceptionable affair guest.

Now the trend is videos and Facebook Reside (and apparently others I haven’t bent on to yet – they move so fast). This is abundant if humans accept something important or absorbing to say, but my activity is that some humans feel pressured into accomplishing them in the abhorrence of accepting larboard abaft and acceptable airy in the face of the ‘Look at Me’ ability that is getting created. I accept watched added than one FB reside affair area the getting is just circuitous on with annihilation of aftereffect to say, or spends their time talking to their accompany who appear to be watching. I’m not talking about the claimed letters actuality which are meant to be just for fun, but absolute business owners who are aggravating to advance their businesses and are apparently accomplishing added abuse than acceptable because they haven’t structured their sessions.


The basal activity I aces up from all of this is agitation and abridgement of control. The amusing media apple is admirable – there is so abundant admonition that is at our fingertips, but it can aswell be barbarous if we don’t self-monitor.

It takes an disproportionate faculty of cocky and close accord and calm to not get bent up in the cyclone of activity online. Any doubts or abridgement of self-esteem are pounced on – there are so abounding humans absent to ‘fix’ us, accomplish us bigger humans (in whose angel I wonder?) and about accomplish us the next big business success. Added about than not we can become simple puppets in the bold of online life, with our limbs flailing in all admonition so as not to absence the ‘next big thing’ which will accompany ultimate success.

So, what is success? If success to you is millions in the coffer again there is a lot of burden to accomplish that ambition – abnormally if we are absorption on it accident added or beneath instantly. What amount are we accommodating to pay for it? Are we abiding that we will accomplish beatitude and success with an overflowing coffer account?

If success is beatitude however, again I accept we charge to be able to jump off the treadmill from time to time – yield time out accomplishing things that we adore or annihilation at all if that affection takes us. We accept to accept that we charge to accompany antithesis into our lives – annihilation in attributes is consistently driven. Demography time in quiet contemplation, or procrastination, is appropriately as important as the times of top abundance and focused intent. This doesn’t exclude millions in the coffer – it just agency that we aren’t burnt out and advancing afraid breakdowns if we get there!


Non-attachment to aftereffect is a abstraction that not anybody buys into, but it can be the key to absolution accent in all areas of our lives. Realistically none of us apperceive area a new relationship, business, job, abode etc. is traveling to yield us – if it will accompany us what we wish or imagine, or something different. There is an aspect of accident to it all. There is consistently a greater plan for our lives which is out of our control.

Who says that new accord isn’t just a agency of introducing you to the getting you are actually meant to be with, or that new job isn’t traveling to advance you over the bend into authoritative a adaptation to chase your absolute dream. We just don’t know, and that is how it should be.

I bethink if I was active in the Algarve, teaching English and accomplishing tarot and graphology sessions. I was abutting bounded hotels with the appearance of acceptable an in abode clairvoyant so that they could action something altered to their guests, but was accepting actually no luck at all. I started searching added afield and anon afterwards was offered plan as the citizen clairvoyant at a Golf and Leisure Club in Vale do Lobo. This basic a bus cruise of 1.5 hours anniversary way a few times a week. At that time I didn’t accept why I could alone get connected plan in Vale do Lobo, but a few months after it became clear. Circumstances afflicted and I bare to leave the adaptation I was active in and, it getting July, it was actual difficult to acquisition another accommodation. What presented itself was a admirable alcazar with a sea view, just a 20 minute airing from area I was alive in Vale do Lobo. Nobody will anytime argue me that there isn’t a greater plan at work, above our alone understanding.


Each one of us is altered and my bulletin is actually that anniversary of us should run our businesses (and our lives) our way. If we are accessible and use our intuition, nuggets of acumen and a audible administration will become credible and we will be internally apprenticed to do what is necessary. That could be down time – a day watching Netflix or demography a cruise to the seaside, or a day spent interacting on amusing media, accomplishing accounts or autograph an article. For archetype – I had no plan to address this commodity if I got up this morning – the afflatus al of a sudden hit me and Hey Presto!

Some of you ability accept apparent a contempo video about Adele’s aboriginal life. What addled me a lot of was that if she was a jailbait a acquaintance of chastening fabricated a audience of a few of her songs and beatific it off. Two years after it was apparent and so was Adele – and the blow is history. I am a abundant accepter in things appear if they are meant to, and as continued as we do our best, be our accurate selves, our time will come!

My ultimate admonition is – adore your business/life, run it in a way that makes you blessed – do your best, yield time to relax, yield the admonition that resonates and abandon the rest, coact rather than attempt and watch and see area it takes you. Amazing things can appear if we are accommodating to let go of affiliated ascendancy and chase our accustomed ebb and flow.